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PT and E-Rated Fuses

At DENCO Fuses, we manufacture industrial electrical fuses. We work with utility companies, transformer manufacturers, industrial electric companies, and transportation companies to protect their circuits. Because of their high-quality materials and craftsmanship, our PT fuses and e-rated fuses run longer, cooler, and safer than other options.

For all of your electric fuse needs, DENCO Fuses provides durable products and honest, helpful service.

Our PT and E-Rated Fuses

Circuit fuses keep the flow of electricity safe. They facilitate even current levels, which keeps electrical components from spiking with power and overheating. This also keeps systems reliable and increases the lifespan of components. We sell a variety of medium voltage and high voltage fuses, including fuses with specialized purposes like PT fuses and e-rated fuses.

PT fuses protect potential transformers, which require fuses to limit currents on the primary connection side. E-rated fuses also limit currents, though these fuse types specifically help with the large magnetizing inrush that occurs during transformer start-up. Both fuse types provide protection against overloading and short-circuiting.

If you need specialized fuses for any of your industrial systems, we can discuss exact voltage and current ratings to determine which fuses can best help you.

Our Fuse Lab Testing

Because so much electrical power depends on our products, we take quality and safety seriously. We do in-house testing at our factory lab to ensure all products perform like you want them to. Our lab is capable of several testing types, including:

  • Electrical resistance measurements (ohms)
  • Temperature-rise at rated current measurements
  • Power dissipation measurements (watts)
  • I/T Curve verification
  • Dimension and visual verification

This testing ensures quality performance of our fuses. And even with our lab testing, our manufacturing lead times are the best in the industry. Many fuse manufacturers take up to 90 days to turn around projects. Our turnaround times are 30 days.

If you need PT fuses or e-rated fuses for your industrial electric systems, contact DENCO fuses today. You can call us at 305.273.6226. We want to help you get the right fuses and are always willing to answer questions.