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Special Purpose Fuses

Type DCP

Cable Protectors. Fittings for: Cableto Cable, Cable to offset bus, Mole to Cable, Mole to offset bus. For cables of Copper or Aluminum materials. 200KA Interrupting rating. Used for isolating faults quickly, increasing reliability of service entrance & distribution runs.

Cable Protectors2 MB

DC Metro/Transit

GE Fuse GF9R600 ReplacementDC Fuses, designed for Direct Current operations. Current Limiting, used primarily in Metro and Transit applications.

DENCO Fuses (which used to be DenMar Transit Engineering) has a long history of designing and manufacturing metro/transit fuses and has also supplied Metros all around the world with many other metro/transit DC fuses in the past such as Semiconductor Traction Fuses, Auxiliary Fuses, Line Charging Resistor Capacitor Fuse, Line Filter Capacitor Tray, Propulsion Blower Motor, Collector Shoe Fuses, and others as well.

Utility/Power Industry

Dropout Fuses0.9 MB

LCI - Load Commutated Inverter Fuse456 KB

Special Design

Discontinued fuses and Specialty fuses for circuit protection. Custom made fuses to your specs and dimensions to fit your application. Just send us your requirements and we'll manufacture a fuse suitable for your needs.

Our fuses can also be designed to your specifications